Some Reviews…

“An instant Nantucket classic.” — Nathaniel Philbrick, National Book Award Winner

“Benchley’s photographs have captured the essence of Nantucket beautifully.”   —  Stan Grossfeld, Pulitzer Prize winner, Boston Globe

 “Turn to any page and you’ll be hooked …and don’t be surprised if you find yourself going through the pages twice: once to read Patrick’s engaging prose and again to visit Benchley’s insightful photographs.” — Nantucket Magazine

“If you want to know about the real Nantucket, the living Nantucket that’s all but invisible to the tourists and the recently-arrived, look to the scallopers.  Thanks to this wonderful new book, we can enter their world and come to know it well.” — Nantucket Today

“Must reading for those who love Nantucket.  It goes beyond the surface pictorial Nantucket and delves into the scientific, historic, and ecological underpinnings of the scallop industry, which created a unique economic and social order in this most beautiful of places.”– The Cape Cod Times

“A delightful, if worrisome, tale.  The cast is complex, complete, and intimate.” — The Barnstable Patriot

“The book is a labor of love, combining Benchley’s handsome black and white images, and Patrick’s words.”   — The Inquirer and Mirror

“An eloquent expression of why (this) heritage should be preserved.” — Max Berry, Chairman of Trustees (2001), Smithsonian Institution